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Our Bowls

At Oyster & Toot we build bowls from the table up to last a lifetime. From our locally sourced, free range timber to our precision lathe process, you can invest with the confidence that your bowl will be an heirloom for generations to come. Our bowls are just not like anythiong else you know. We're not like the rest because our bowls are:

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For too long, bowls have been overlooked, underloved, and poorly made. We say no more!

if your bowl doesn't fit, just send it back!

The Lifestyle

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Go beyond the everyday and experience what a modern bowl has to offer. Elevate your cereals, soups, and dips to new heights. We know you are always on the move -- so don't let your old bowls tie you down. Spice up your style with new bowls every month, week or day! Plus, as a Freedom Bowl Member you will have access to your own personal bowl shopper who will curate your daily bowl selection. Up your bowl Game!

We donate .03% of profits to providing bowls to those in need

Let's Get to Know You!

  • Morning
  • With Friends
  • Near Water
  • Clean
  • Modern
  • Sexy


Because we don't have to pay for stores, we can pass this savings directly on to you. We have a subscription tier for every bowl need.

Casual Bowler

  • One small bowl per Month
  • $25

    Best Value

    Just Right

  • One Bowl per week
  • Priority customer support
  • Exclusive access to new designs
  • $45

    Super Bowls

  • One Bowl Per day
  • Advanced customer support
  • Exclusive access to new designs
  • Freedom Bowl member, welcome to the next level
  • $79